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OverWatch Discounts and summer sells

I wouldn’t recommend waiting for more discounts or for the summer sells if you are as excited as we are about playing OverWatch. IF YOU WANT TO BUY IT NOW FOR A GREAT PRICE CHECK HERE eventually the prices can go down in a few months and you may find a even better deal but if you want get right into the action we recommend you to buy it from there.

The game entered the final stage of production, but there will be a new opportunity for players to experience the game until the day of its official release, as it will be an open beta on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during the days 5 and 9 May. Players who purchase the game until April 29 may access this early beta, including the May 3.

All the progress made during the closed beta test will not be transferred to the open beta or release.

The company wants to take advantage of this time between the beta testing to stabilize the game. There will be less “radical” changes with more focus on infrastructure, explained Jeff Kaplan. The most significant changes will be here after the release of the game, including new features, heroes and maps.

Finally, Blizzard says thank you to all players who participated in the beta test. Overwatch comes to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 24.

In an interview with the GameInformers, Jeff Kaplan from Blizzard, revealed that the company has plans to build a universe around Overwatch, with the possibility of new games, new formats and even mobile.

Asked about that future expansion of Overwatch and the possibility to insert content PvE on intellectual property rights, Kaplan revealed that Blizzard is studying all the possibilities.

“At the moment, the focus is on competitive gaming Overwatch. We are thrilled with the introduction of our functionality where you play against the artificial intelligence, which is getting more robust. Will be in the style of Heroes of the Storm vs, where players enter into solo queue but are placed next to 5 other players to play against bots, “said Kaplan, before you speak in the future.

“I think the idea of exploring PvE in Overwatch while creators of games makes us highly excited by the possibility, is a sequel to Overwatch which has not yet been made, or even in a different genre. I think we’re all eager to explore the PvE in some point, but not in this game. ”

“Not in the initial offering of Overwatch, which focuses on fighting and even action heroes by teams. It’s something that we would have a different game, “Kaplan concludes.